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Mini 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Fat Burning Sculpting Device, Cellulite Removal Machine Skin Firming Massager for Firming and Shaping

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  • Buy FREYARA mini 40k ultrasonic cavitation body fat burning sculpting device, cellulite removal machine skin firming massager for firming and shaping online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
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  • * 【SKIN JURY MACHINE】Professional radio frequency device, use the latest innovative radio frequency system, more safety and less skin pain. Take little time to recover and do not affect normal working or living conditions, minimal side effects
  • * 【AVANCE DESIGN】Face and body X-ray machine equipped with self-diagnostic functions based on safe design, which can automatically perform the effectiveness verification itself. It will be safer to use
  • * 【PRODUCT FEATURES】 Face firming device with large radio frequency head massage balls provides clear and long-lasting beauty results
  • * 【WIDE APPLICATION】Available in two radio frequency heads, the level three radio frequency head is mainly used for eye and facial skin care; The level six radio frequency head is mainly used for skin care and meets your different requirements.
  • * 【One Year Warranty】We offer an exclusive one year warranty on our equipment with an easy to replace process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer support team.
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Working principle

The 40K fat cavitation machine uses a 40 kHz sound wave head to emit sound waves into the subcutaneous fat cells of the human body and form bubbles around the fat deposits in the skin. The bubbles burst and break down cellular debris and free fat. Cellulite is broken down in the interstitium and the lymphatic system, where it is excreted from the body. Fat deposits are converted into glycerol and free fatty acids and the released free fats are metabolized via lymph and blood to the liver. It is then excreted from the body as waste. This achieves the slimming effect. At the same time, high-frequency vibrations increase the vitality of skin cells and ensure firm, tightened and toned skinThis device helps to tighten and tone the skin and also promotes blood circulation to the skin. Effective in reducing weight and dissolving fat under the skin 85% of the dissolved fat is drained from the body via the lymphatic system, 15% of the fat is converted into sugar via the liver to support a person's daily activities.

It effectively eliminates cellulite and helps mothers with problems such as post-partum abdominal laxity. This weight loss device is an alternative to liposuction. Helps the user to relax and massage the skin and muscles.

This fat removal device is suitable for almost the whole body. It tones arms, legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, back and abdominal muscles for a more toned body.


1 Non-surgical and non-invasive;

2 No bleeding, no pain, no stitches, no trauma;

3 No recovery period required;

4 Short operation time and quick results;


1. When using for the first time, please make sure to use the low setting.

2. Please pay attention to safety when using in high altitude areas. Please do not leave it in the same place for too long.

3. Please use enough gel.

4. Please do not use it every day, but twice a week for 15-20 minutes each time. (Some people can see changes in their skin after 2 applications, others can see results after 4-8 weeks).

Reviews (4)
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This works!
A well built tool to be used carefully…for me, it’s the first skin tool I’ve bought that actually works. And does NOT feel cheap like some other products I’ve bought here. The absolute best value for the price!
Really does work
This is a great addition to my facial 'gadgets'. I've been using this at least once a week, sometimes twice. The results are visible, quite astonishing really.I use it around my mouth area to soften lines & down the side of my face & jaw to lift. The best gel for this is the pure Aloe gel. As Aloe is good for the skin anyway, this turns out to be a great combination for a quick plumping before going out.
Excelente máquina.
Muy buena inversión.
Powerful! Don't set the heat too high! It does work - so repect the power of this device...
This is a great machine and I am highly pleased! Thank you! No worries about this producing enough heat. Did first treatment and already my horrible eye bags I have been fighting for months are EXTREMELY diminished! That alone was worth the money of this very affordable machine! Under eye fillers would have cost WAYYYYY more money.Thank you again!
Ask Question
Hi, it is not recommended that you use it every day, the correct way to use it is two or three times a week 
No you can't there must be at least 72 hours between sessions. 
Three and four heads can be used on the face, remember to use them with a gel (regular gel and essential oils are fine). 
Three and four heads can be used on the face, remember to use them with a gel (regular gel and essential oils are fine). 
The treatment duration depends on the size of the area to be treated, the thickness of the fat layer and the different energy modes set. It is generally recommended to use the Fat Blaster 40K for 30 minutes each time, 3 times a week. 
Mini 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Burning Body Sculptor Introduction Video