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4in1 40K Radio-frequency Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine, Body Slimming Sculpting Device for Face, Arm, Waist, Belly, Leg

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  • Buy FREYARA 4in1 40k radio-frequency vacuum ultrasonic cavitation machine, body slimming sculpting device for face, arm, waist, belly, leg online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00109
  • SKU: TS00109
  • 199.99
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  • * 【PROFESSIONAL 4-IN-1 DEVICE | WARRANTY & SUPPORT 】The Cavitation Machine combines four advanced technologies - 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Vacuum, and Negative Pressure Massage to reduce fat, tighten skin, and contour the face, arms, waist, abdomen, and legs. The cavitation machine comes with a one-year warranty and dedicated customer support to address any questions or concerns and ensure your peace of mind.
  • * 【Effective and Safe Fat Reduction】 The device utilizes 40K ultrasonic cavitation to break down fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue, making it a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional fat reduction methods.
  • * 【Advanced Functions】Including frequency tracking function, it can automatically adjust the ultrasonic frequency to extend the service life of the equipment and ensure long-term stable performance.
  • * 【User-friendly design】Using color touch screen, easy to operate, ergonomic handle, comfortable to use, simple interface, suitable for both home use, as well as beauty salons and spas and other professional places.
  • * 【Safety and Comfort Revolution】 Ultrasonic cavitation works deeply and non-invasively without damaging the skin: the particles emitted by our machines are not absorbed by the fat cells, just as RF energy is dispersed in a much shallower way (dermis and epidermis).

DownLoad Instruction :

Prime day

1.Ultrasonic cavitation machine 40k cellulite slimming machine can break up fat cells instantly and powerfully. Dissolve fat, lymphatic drainage, enhance blood circulation,accelerate the decomposition of fat, let you keep a slim body figure.
2.Remove facial wrinkle, dilute facial freckle, eliminate extra fat cellulite, the skin gets whiter and smooth.
3.Firm eye skin, smooth eye wrinkle, fade eye black circle.
4.Shrink pores, tighten loose skin, remove double chin.
5.Promote metabolism, enhances luminosity of the skin.
6.Applicable for face, neck, belly, waist, thigh, calf and buttocks.

1.Clean skin and apply gel.
2.Connect with a power supply.
3.Connect a head with main machine.
4.Choose a mode that suits the head.
5.Adjust intensity and time.
6.Press "Start", the probe works
7.Apply the head on skin to use.

Guidelines for the use of cavitation machines
(1) From bottom to top, push to groin to dredge lymph;
(2) Turning anticlockwise from bottom to top can help break down fat;
(3) Decompose greasy by pushing back and forth;
(4) Pull down from the knee to the groin to improve the curve.

(1) Pull to the waist in the direction of lymph;
(2) Circle anticlockwise from bottom to top and move back and forth;
(3) According to the muscle texture, it can slide and compact the buttock skin, making the buttock plump and firm, presenting the perfect curve.

(1) Push back and forth 2-3 times;
(2) Circle anticlockwise to stimulate the lymph nodes;
(3) On the back, turn anticlockwise and move up and down to help break down fat;
(4) Using lymphatic drainage technique to pull toxin to lymph nodes can help improve back curve.

(1) From the inner elbow to the armpit, do lymphatic drainage;
(2) To stimulate lymph nodes in a circle;
(3) Break down excess fat by turning it anticlockwise or pushing it back and forth;
(4) Tighten skin from elbow to armpit.

(1) Around the navel from small to large, clockwise circle to help large intestine peristalsis;
(2) From the small circle to the large circle, push it anticlockwise.

(1) Evenly apply the product on the face, use the face RF head, operate from the bottom to the top to lift theface, make the skin in a tense state, it is recommended to use for 5 minutes;
(2) Apply the product evenly to the face, use the RF head on the face, operate in the direction of the arrow, it is recommended to use it for 5-8 minutes.

1. Clean skin first, then use a suitable gel or essential oil.
2. Be sure to apply a water medium (such as slim essential oil, etc.) before use, otherwise a damage to the instrument may occur.
3. The operating heads cannot stay in one skin area for too long; be sure to avoid the areas with bones.
4. Do not use disinfectant to disinfect the product. It is recommended to use wet cotton or towel.
5. The operator and the person who’s to receive the treatment should both take off the metal decorations on their body.
6. If the machine has been used for continuously 1 hour, please stop using and let it cool down for 10 minutes.
7. Some users may experience tinnitus when using the cavitation head. This is a normal phenomenon as its wave band has exceeded the wave band range that human can hear.
8. You can freely adjust the intensity to suit your need. However, we strongly recommend that you start from the lowest level.

Item: 4 in1 Cavitation Machine
Product material: ABS+PC+Metal
Power input voltage: 110 -240V
Power output voltage: 24V
Power output current: 2A
Total instrument power: 50W
Cavitation head frequency: 40kHz
RF output frequency: 5mHz
Touch screen size: 4.3 inches
Package size: 37.5 * 32 * 17 cm
Reviews (175)
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The ultimate choice for non-invasive beauty enhancement.
This is the second time for me to buy from FREYARA. I appreciate the quality cavitation machines of this factory very much, so I ordered another equipment for my friend, they still did not let me down, everything went well , thank you, heartily recommend
The ultimate choice for non-invasive beauty enhancement.
This 4in1 40K RF Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine is the right size. I used it for the first time today for a firming treatment on my face and neck and then a cavitation treatment on my fiancé's abdomen. Along with this review, I have included before and after pictures of him using it. This machine is no slouch compared to those more expensive machines. I would start here first as you will definitely get value for money. Thank you.
I love this product and use it frequently to achieve my desired results. It’s painless and easy to use. I love the lipo pads….you can literally sit down and read a book and let them work their magic. The face tools are on one side and the body tools are on the other making it easy to distinguish them. I love the micro probe and face RF for under eyes, around my mouth and cheeks. You can use all of the combined tools for your entire face and body. What I don’t like about it is that the manual didn’t make much sense to me as the “treatments” are written in unfamiliar terms. I’m also unsure if I am supposed to follow each step of the treatment plans to achieve full effects, or if I am able to use the tool/s I feel are necessary and still get the same results. If I’m trying to lighten and tighten the skin under my eyes, am I able to use the micro probe and nothing else, or does it have to be a combination of others? Kind of confusing with all of that. I’m not sure what I’m doing, so we shall see if it works without following treatments step by step.
nice machine
It works really well. I've used it on my stomach. I also like how fast it arrived and the packaging was in good condition.
nice machine nice machine
Logistics is fast
Delivery in less than 10 days, very satisfied with the machine thank you !!!
Logistics is fast Logistics is fast
Good value for money
This cavitation machine works very well and is stronger than I expected! It is comparable to the machines used in spas. Of course, I can't see any results yet. I just hope it doesn't break and lasts a long time.
Good value for money
Really Enjoy This Product
Seems to work well so far - seen some slight results after only a few weeks.
Awesome instrument!
Highly recommend! Can't personally speak about results yet, but I've seen people who used it having good results. Item came in a little more than 2 weeks. I have already tried all the functions and everything is working!
Awesome instrument! Awesome instrument! Awesome instrument!
Five star device for Aesthetics!
The product came in good it works but as for doing what it’s supposed to I don’t know I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s really expensive and it feels cheap no weight to it , its plastic and really light and i mean there’s nothing that will help you better than exercise. If this product does work it won’t help you either way if you continue to eat unhealthy. Not worth it but if you do buy just stay consistent use it and try to eat better.
Five star device for Aesthetics! Five star device for Aesthetics!
Helps with my fibromyalgia knots! Have only used it a handful of times but it definitely helps my fibromyalgia and I can already see a difference.
Ask Question
Les pages détaillées de nos produits contiennent une description de chaque en-tête. 
You can check if the interface is installed correctly. Product problems communicate with our after-sales via email service@freyara.com 
The treatment duration depends on the size of the area to be treated, the thickness of the fat layer and the different energy modes set. It is generally recommended to use the Fat Blaster 40K for 30 minutes each time, 3 times a week. 
It is recommended to space the treatments by two weeks, with a treatment being carried out in 6 to 12 weeks. Each treatment lasts approximately 35-55 minutes, but the process and treatment duration may vary depending on age, weight, area to be treated and physical condition. 
Yes, fat cavitation is a painless, safe, non-invasive procedure that has been used for decades in Europe and has been extensively researched. Additionally, because there is no incision, there is no risk of infection or scarring after treatment. Patients can therefore return to their normal activities shortly after treatment. 
How to use a 40k 4 in 1 cavitation machine
40K 4 in 1 Cavitation Machine Demonstration Video