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MLAY Professional RF Beauty Machine for Lifting, Toning, Wrinkle Removal, Facial and Body Skin Tightening, Plug Charge

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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA mlay professional rf beauty machine for lifting, toning, wrinkle removal, facial and body skin tightening, plug charge online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00082
  • SKU: TS00082
  • 299.99
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safe & effective rf beauty machine for loose skin lift and wrinkle removal: mlay radio frequency skin tightening machine uses the latest and safest bipolar rf technology(professional radio frequency), no side effects. it built-in safety system that automatically adjusts energy depending on the temperature of your skin. it is safe to use for all skin types and skin tones. it provides salon power and effect, 90% of customer saw visible facial skin improvement in only 1-4 weeks

painless procedure & long lasting results: mlay rf skin tightening machine lifting tightening wrinkle removal with output frequency 1.0mhz, the rf waves deeply penetrate skin tissue, heat it up and stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce sagging, fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging or after pregnancy and weight loss. mlay rf treatment is very comfortable as spa does. it with the safest bipolar rf stimulates skin naturally produce collagen, so you can get a long lasting results

more collagen, less sagging and wrinkles for face/body: mlay radio frequency facial and body skin tightening machine is not only a face machine but also a body machine, it is more simple and easy to use with 2 probes: for eyes, forehead, cheek, nasolabial fold, face, jawline, neck, arm, belly, waist, leg, thighs, butt, stomach... helps to improve skin texture and elasticity, diminish the appearance of fine lines, dullness, wrinkles, crow's feet, stretch marks, tightens saggy skin, and more!

visible results in average 40 - 90 days! results from 50,000 customers aged between 20 and 70 from cooperative beauty salon show that 90% saw their skin looked overall healthier in the first week, over 73.3% saw visibly improved elasticity & firmness in 6-8 weeks. after 8-12 weeks of use, 78% saw a more lifted look, 85% saw visibly plumper, more volumized skin. 75% saw a more contoured jawline and body contouring. fine line and wrinkles start to fade in 8 - 12 weeks of use


A student around 20? a mother appochs 30? a corporate worker about 35? a 45-year-old up housewife? working-hard or stay-up night quite often?

RF beauty machine radio frequency instrument apparatus tool equipment treatment system massager

We encourage everyone to take comparison photos so you can actually see the difference! (It is suggested to take a before picture of your intended treatment area immediately when you received your MLAY RF machine.)

Reviews (180)
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Product works effectively when used correctly.
I bought this product for my partner because she was looking for something to use on her skin for preventative purposes. As a gift I decided on this product as the cheaper alternatives appeared to have noticeable problems.Over the few weeks or regular usage, my partner's face has noticeable change in brightness and a noticeable firmness. She recommended I try it as well and I can say it's a new experience. For my type of dryer face I set the settings lower as it couldn't take the higher levels. At the end of using it for a little over a week, my face also felt a little livelier and looked slightly brighter as well.I highly advise people to make sure to follow the directions with the cream and power levels because this can potentially cause damage to the skin if used incorrectly. Overall, the product appears to work as intended when used properly. The results and effectiveness appear valid as well.
Terrific for my skin and is the best value product for skincare!
I have been looking into methods to improve my skin condition during this draw winter, and thanks to this machine, my skin has shown remarkable progress in just a few weeks. My skin feels and looks much better and I have noticed many wrinkles disappear. I definitely suggest that you look into buying one for yourself and your family/friends!
So far s good
So far the machine is working waiting on results
Returned product - great customer service
I returned the product to manufacturer, and they refunded my entire payment. I am extremely satisfied with the customer service.
Great Customer Service and Product
I absolutely love this, and so does my face! I’ve been hesitant to try a new device but this is so easy to use and making a pretty significant difference already. I’ve got a few wrinkles on my forehead that have been bothering me and they have already noticeably decreased. Excited to see if I’m able to get rid of them completely haha
Tightens skin
I’ve been using it in my face for a week now. I feel a difference with my skin, especially close to my under eyes. I’m really pleased with my results and will update in 3 more weeks with pictures. Might use it on my stomach too.
pretty good product even though abit pricey
i have some pretty bad acne scars and had been trying to find anything to help with them nothing seems to do the trick so i figured i would give this mlay skin tightener a try at first i was kinda iffy because its a decent size investment but decided to go ahead and try it anyways it has pretty easy instructions and doesnt take long to put together and use i started with 10 minute treatments the first 2 days and went ahead with 20 after that so far my skin feels alot better to the touch and the scars arent as visable so i can say it does its job and im glad i went ahead and gave it a shot im hoping within a month of using my skin will feel even more better and repaired if your like me and have looked everywhere for something to help this is a good item to use
pretty good product even though abit pricey
Don't let the price tag sway you to a cheaper product.
Me and my wife have been using this unit for about a week not and it is honestly one of the best things we have invested into. We have cut out an expense by getting this machine and it seems to be of very high build quality and giving the same results as professional treatment. This item alone is going to save us thousands of dollars in just a few months of using it. If you are on the fence about purchase and thinking about buying a cheaper or maybe even a more expensive unit save yourself the hassle and get something is going to give you what you want.
Good product
It does seem to work with time
Best customer service
I bought this device about a year ago. In my unique situation it did not work for me as expected. I did some research and talked to specialists. Seems like it should be working fine on anybody else's skin.The best part is if you are not satisfied with your results, their customer service is extremely helpful. They reached out to me offering a full refund. They also showed a lot of concern, trying to find out the reason of why I was not happy. They were trying to find out if I was using it correct and giving me advice. They let me keep the device in order if I want to use it on other parts of my body. Note, after I left my initial review a year later after purchasing the device, they reached out to me immediately and issued me a refund.The company is amazing and I would definitely recommend to try their products!