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Eyelash Curler

U$ 7.99 Tax Free & VAT Included
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  • Brand: FREYARA
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  • FY04.0009
  • SKU: FY04.0009
  • 7.99
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❤️Help you create a perfect curl effortlessly in seconds. The eyelash curler will lift natural lashes for a soft curl and voluminous look.

❤️Simply squeeze and hold and you can get the desired appearance of curled lashes to make your makeup perfect. All it takes is a couple clamps in the morning for an even, natural-looking curl that seriously lasts all day.


1. Making eyelash curler the first step of your makeup.

Using the eyelash curler before makeup will help open the eyes and also to see the eye shape a bit better. And that’s why many experts like to curl lashes before makeup, as part of skin-care prep.

2. Hold the eyelash curler correctly.

Place your thumb and index fingers in the designated grip holes, then open the curler wide enough for your top lashes to fit between the rubber cushion and metal top. Get as close to your eyelash roots as you possibly can without touching the skin. Then, tightly squeeze and close the curler onto lashes.

3. Always apply mascara after curling your eyelash.

Because mascara can make your lash sticky and easily to be pulled out by the curler.

4. Try to use a slight pressure.

Frustrated from having your eyelashes cut every time before getting the desired curl? You may have put too much pressure to the clamps while curling your sensitive eyelashes. Try to use slight pressure and do not press too hard, because it won’t help you to get perfect curve rather they can lead to breakage of your lashes.

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