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4in1 Professional Cupping Scraping Massager, Electric Baguan Guasha Machine, Therapy Lipolysis Pain Relief

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  • Brand: FREYARA
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Scraping belongs to the category of external treatment of Traditional Chinese medicine, because the meridians are linked to the viscera, through the scraping plate to stimulate specific parts of the body surface so that the local skin is flushed, external evil through the skin diverges out of the blood stasis caused by the symptoms, by scraping strongly stimulate the skin, so that the skin silt purple or purple black to achieve the therapeutic effect. The basic principle of pain is that blood is separated from meridians and qi and blood are blocked after physical injury. Scraping can treat the pain caused by injury, can accelerate the absorption of blood from the pain to relieve pain, scraping has the effect of dredging the meridians, general pain is muscle tension, muscle tension are uncomfortable. So scraping can relieve muscle tension and muscle spasm. Scraping can promote the circulation of qi and blood, so that the pain of qi and blood block gradually unobpatency so as to play the role of promoting blood stasis.

The pulse electric frequency is transmitted to the inner layer of the skin. It feels that each root is stretching to achieve the effect of layer by layer relaxation. Massage and scrape the body, EMS micro current stimulates the meridians, and oil molecules are absorbed.  

High frequency vibration is used to vibrate the water molecules in deep skin tissue.The thermal energy generated by the vibration of water molecules can promote the regeneration of skin collagen.

It can generate thermal energy(55C-60C)in the interface between skin surface and dermis/between dermis and subcutaneous fat to promote collagen regeneration.

After the high frequency heat energy reaches the deep subcutaneous tissue,it will be transformed into sexual body heat energy.Through the rise of tissue temperature and the promotion of blood vessel expansion,it can restore the normal function of deformed cells and create a balanced face and body shape for you.

As an instrument to improve the skin,it can easily decompose the fat by rising the temperature,reduce and decompose the accumulated fat,and excrete it out of the body by urinating on the surface of the skin(sweat glands)

Lipolysis: deep into the subcutaneous adipose tissue,produce deep fever,so the decomposition of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat has a signifcant effect.

Prevent aging: help to produce collagen and elastin,prolong cell aging cycle.

Pain relief: used in the management of chronic muscle pain,it can effectively relieve muscle pain.

Lymphatic Management: accelerate metabolism,promote the excretion of cell waste,effectively purify blood, increase self-healing force of tissue,and restore skin elasticity.

Collagen neogenesis,more compact: high frequency in the decomposition of fat at the same time,stimulate collagen neogenesis and thickening,fill the subcutaneous fat vacancy,make the skin smooth and elastic after treatment.

Face: face management,lift management,V-line management,excluding metabolites;

Body: slim body management,systemic circulation management,pain management,elasticity management.
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