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Infrared Steam Hair Straightener, 2" Tourmaline Ceramic Plate, 120℃-230℃ 10 Temps Fast Heating, Plug Charge

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  • Buy FREYARA infrared steam hair straightener, 2" tourmaline ceramic plate, 120℃-230℃ 10 temps fast heating, plug charge online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00046
  • SKU: TS00046
  • 65.99
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  • * * 2 steam settings give hair incredible shine and smoothness, 6 temperature lock settings ensure the perfect finish for your hair type
  • * * 2-inch floating plates for better hair straightening, Heats to keratin-ideal maximum temperature of 450°F
  • * * Automatic temperature lock for even heat throughout use, On/off switch with indicator light
  • * * Ventilated tourmaline ceramic plates infuse hair with therapeutic argan oil, Stylish and functional 9-inch fire-resistant textile cord
  • * * 360-degree swivel cord prevents tangling and keeps you moving, Ergonomic design with soft-touch finish
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Steam seals moisture in the hair, reduces the damage caused by high temperature and makes hair naturally straight, shiny, silk, static-free, and nourished while styling. Steam button off/med/high. Infrared heat is highly efficient, non-toxic and non-allergic. It releases water molecules & negative ions penetrating and repairing hair cuticle to seal in hair's natural moisture and produce a silkier, longer lasting.

Can straighten more hair in one go without tugging or breaking hair, providing you a charming smooth, silky, natural lustrous look in minutes, more time-saving and effective than classic flat irons.

Digital LCD display with adjustable 6 temperature settings 300-450℉/150-235℃. 300-340℉ for fragile, soft, thin, bleached hair. 340-380℉ for normal, medium, slightly curly hair. 380-450℉ for thick, very curly, coarse hair.
Worldwide Dual Voltage AC100-240V and Lockable plates for storage and traveling. Auto-shut off after 60 minutes of non-use. 360 degree anti-winding cable. Conditioning steam settings OFF/MED/HIGH. Use it as a infrared flat iron when turning off the steam function.

If the steam is insufficient, you can open and close the splint twice. Note: When opening the steam button, Don't close the splint frequently, because the steam button presses the airbag button, Causing the splint to store too much water. When the splint is heated quickly, the water stored in the splint will boil quickly, making it difficult to transform the water Steam, causing water leakage. If water leakage occurs, please wait for the water stored in the splint to evaporate and then use.
Reviews (20)
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Works well
The iron worked well I just wish it came in a smaller size so that I can get more of a bend after I smooth the hair
Works well Works well
Works great on frizzy hair.
Since moving to another state over 2 years ago, my hair was frizzy every day. I had perfectly straight, thick hair prior to that that looked healthy and beautiful. So for the last 2 years, I tried every product out there that claimed to get rid of frizzies; shampoos, conditioners, frizz-removing sprays, mousses, a micro-fiber hair towel, and other products. But NOTHING worked. I didn't even want to leave the house anymore. So I started googling what might be able to help. And the answer I found on several sites was to use a steam straightener. So then I started researching those, trying to find the one with the best reviews and price, and decided to purchase the Dorasilk Professional Infrared Steam Flat Iron. I got the 2" model. I just got it today, so decided to give it a try on my dry, very frizzy hair. I will say that the instruction book that comes with it was somewhat confusing. But luckily I had watched the online video with girls showing exactly how to use it. I used the lowest heat setting, 300-350 degrees, and ran it through all of my hair, which only took 5-10 minutes! (much less than my old curling iron.) I never saw any steam as I was using it, even though I had filled the water reservoir. However, the video said that you may not notice or see any steam. RESULTS: My hair is now perfectly straight! All the frizzies are GONE! And that was after using it 3 or 4 hours ago, and even going outside in our humid weather, assuming my hair would frizz up again. But it didn't! I love my hair again. This product is awesome!
Fantastic Customer Service
Great customer service and the product worked well and worked as expected!
The price is not right for the poor quality product.
I purchased this item and was super excited to use it. When it arrived I opened the box to find that the product box and product both looked used. The box has marking all over it and was previously opened. The small bottle in the box had water droplets in it already, along with the compartment that you add the water to, as if someone previously used it. Then, I ran my finger along the flat iron and grease came of it. On top of that, it was stained with grease so I know it was used. I did not think I’d be getting a used product, I have attached photos for proof and can screenshot the time stamp as well for further proof.
Its great has good safety features and love the steam keeps hair fresh
Love it and the steam option is great
Bought this for my wife but when we got it she went to use it but it would stay turned on. Best I can figure it is shorting out where the cord attaches inside.
Cured my frizzies!!!
I'm scared to style in one go, because i don't hear the steam going. it stops after one streak of hair, and then i have to wait and try to get some steam out of it.
silky and smooth hair
excellent!!! the best hair straightening I have bought, it leaves my wife's hair silky and super smooth, she love it, I would definitely recommend it
The pump will always break.
This item is great. However, no matter how well you treat/maintenance is; it's fate is inevitable.The "pump" will always break within a month or two.
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