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Glitter Sequin Gel for Eyeshadow, Body, Lip #08

U$ 5.99 Tax Free & VAT Included
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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA glitter sequin gel for eyeshadow, body, lip #08 online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • HDY0074
  • SKU: HDY0074
  • 5.99
In Stock
When you need to attend weddings, parties, bars, Halloween, Christmas, daily makeup, etc. You can choose this mermaid sequins sparkling without hesitation when you want to attract more attention and become the focus.

The shape of the glitter cosmetic sheet is mainly characterized by stars, moon, hexagons, the light refracted by the glitter sheet is irresistible, it is made of high-intensity pigments and holographic gloss.

This festival glitter is a shimmery body gel that is self-adhesive, no additional glue required and can be used directly on the body anywhere you want to decorate. The glue takes about 15 minutes to dry completely, just rinse with water when not needed and it can be washed off with water even when applied to the hair.

When using the body glitter gel for the first time, use the attached spoon to take out a small amount and apply it on dry hands, wait for 15 minutes to observe the skin reaction, and then continue to use after confirming that there is no problem. After use, the cap needs to be tightened to avoid affecting the use effect of the product.

In dry conditions, chunky glitter flakes can be used on the face and body, such as eyelids, hair, eyebrows, lips, collarbone, shoulders and chest. It can also be used as nail sequins, tattoos and decorative arts. In natural light, glitter flakes refract so many colors that it's impossible to take your eyes off you.
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