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Diamond Microdermabrasion Device for Face Peeling Skin Lifting Tighten Wrinkle, with Water Spray

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  • Buy FREYARA diamond microdermabrasion device for face peeling skin lifting tighten wrinkle, with water spray online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
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  • 129.99
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  • * 【Hormone treatment effect 】Short-term treatment effect, reshape facial contours; increase blood circulation and metabolism; can manage facial and fat management, up to 15 meters in depth.
  • * 【 Improve cream absorption 】blood circulation and metabolism, increase absorption of creams and lotions, and reduce acne. Increase blood circulation and metabolism.
  • * 【Long-term treatment effect 】Long-term treatment effect, firming skin and reducing fine lines. Stimulates collagen cells and increases skin elasticity.
  • * 【Efficacy - Facial lift and firmness】 Improves skin's flexibility and shine. Remove wrinkles and fade. Prevent edema and remove dark circles. By shortening the energy drain interval of the run, the operating time interval is shorter, you can operate frequently and get re
  • * 【One Year Warranty】We offer an exclusive one year warranty on our equipment with an easy to replace process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer support team. Rejuvenation Lifting Wrinkle Removal Skin Tightening.
Prime day
In daily life, women are more likely to try various methods to prevent skin from dehydration by using a pile of skin care products like face mask, toner or essence lotion. However, many skin problems, like spot and acne,still emerge. Why? That is because skin pores are clogged by dirty things which fail skin to absorb skin care nutrition. Now with this device, you are going to clean your skin completely, addressing skin problems like acne, wrinkles.

The exfoliation head mounted on the exfoliation pen comes with inlaid crystallite particles which is effective in removing dead skin and promoting skin metabolism. The exfoliation is a non-invasive way of skin care method which is safe and effective in addressing skin problems like acne, large pores and fine wrinkles.
The diameter of skin pore is about 0.02--0.05mm which is easy for water molecule to enter in. With the help of the spraying function, the water molecules can be divided into smaller particles with diameters 0.3--0.5um(about 0.0003--0.0005mm) to help skin absorb in skin care nutrition and balance water intake for skin.
The spraying apparatus mounted on the device is designed to "process" the liquid through it.Specifically, this spraying apparatus can vaporize the liquid through it to make the particles of theliquid to be more effectively absorbed by skin.

1. please place this device stably in a dry working environment and meanwhile make sure the heat emission holes can ventilate heat without blocking.
2. Connect the spraying gun, exfoliation head and exfoliation pen rightly.
3. Connect the device to power and plug the device.
4. Press the red switch button on the back of the device.
5. After 30 minutes continuous working, pause the device for 20--30 minutes before second time using.
6. Adjust the device's working intensity to a proper degree according to client's condition.
7.After use, please switch off the device and unplug the device.

1 .this device belong to sophisticated category which requires extra maintenance to extend the durability.
2. Move this device with care in case any damages to the device.
3. After device using, please clean this device carefully and keep it properly for the next time use.
4. People who have wounds on skin are advised not to use.
5. Keep face moisturized and stay away from strong sunlight.
6. Do not wash face with hot water (above 30°°C)in three days after treatment.

Use Prohibited
1. Device cable is overheat.
2.The plug becomes bent.
3.The plug does not connect tightly.
4. Do not unplug the device during device in working.
5. Power cable of other device can not be used as a alternative for this device.
6. Put this device in places where unreachable for kids.
7. Cleaning with chemical liquids prohibited.
8. Unplug device by wet hands prohibited.
Reviews (10)
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Great machine
It works great on my customer's skin and removes dead skin cells
Great machine
I love this microdermabrasion machine and it exceeded my expectations for the price
I love everything about this product; I'm an esthetician and use it for face and body treatments; it has 9 different tips, about half with coarse/medium/fine grits, which work in stages, making it great for working on the skin in stages. The glass suction is great too. It claims to be used for acne removal (which works pretty well), but I use the wide flat attachment with a low suction setting for lymphatic manipulation. The suction is more than enough too, I haven't used it to full power yet, because most of the clients I use it on have aging and fragile skin and I don't need that much power. Even for more elastic skin on the back, buttocks or anywhere else, medium suction is definitely enough. (When it starts to make that pouty sucking sound, reduce the suction a bit, because that's too much: longer continuous contact during the pass creates pressure, so the suction increases (it does take a little skill and awareness to get the perfect suction: that's why it's recommended to use a professional!!!) So you don't need to go all out!

I chose 4 Star style, because I don't need a giant tray on the back of the device; I keep the wand and attachments in an airtight container to keep them clean before use. This does help when I'm using it, but I also use a rolling cart with plenty of room to keep the wand next to the device if needed. I also recommend using the included toner spray bottle attachment for a finer spray, it works almost too much like the spray setting on a water hose. I haven't figured out how to get the bottle attachment nozzle to spray less. Probably not. I'm not sure yet. The instructions don't really talk about this!

Other than that, I like the two packs of filters it comes with; a small one for attaching the wand head attachment, and a larger one for inserting the tube inside the device. It also comes with a clear tube for attaching the wand, and a black and a red tube for attaching the glass suction cup attachment and the toner bottle sprayer attachment, respectively, so you can avoid cross contamination and you can keep it clean for your guests! Overall

, I really like this microdermabrasion machine; it's more than enough for my needs! I love it so much!
Great product
This machine is exactly as advertised. Love it
Nice little machine
It works great! I mostly use the vacuum feature during my skin care routine. The suction is strong
Works great
I gave my husband a microdermabrasion facial and he loved the feel and results of the facial. The machine works perfectly and is exactly as described. I can't wait to try out the other features like blackhead removal. Worth the investment.
Works great
First time using in practice and very happy with the results. The machine was very well packaged. The only thing to note is that the micro and air spray can't be used at the same time. The machine will shut down. So you can attach two tubes but only connect one air spray or micro nozzle at a time. It's not a hassle as you can connect them very quickly. All in all, a good machine for the money. I'll update my review if there are any issues.
Very useful
I'm obsessed. 100% Recommended.
100% recommend
The product was prepared before delivery and was very well protected. This machine works perfectly and looks best on the images but I thought it was a little small but it surprised me with its size and I feel very satisfied.
I love it so much! I saw a difference right away. It gave my skin a nice, fresh look. I highly recommend it.
Used it for the first time at the clinic and was very happy with the results. The machine was very well packaged. The only thing to note is that the micro and air spray can't be used at the same time. The machine will shut down. So you can attach both tubes but only connect one air spray or micro nozzle at a time. It's not too much of a hassle as you can connect them very quickly. All in all a good machine for the money. I'll update my review if there are issues.
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Yes, all machines can be customized with your logo or other branding upon request. Other design requests are also welcomed. MOQ may apply. And, If you need a machine with functionality that is not shown on our website, please contact us and ask our customer service for a quote. 
Yes, we offer full and partial refunds depending on your situation. For more information on our refund policy, please ask us. 
Yes, we offer free express shipping to many countries including the USA and Australia with a $30 minimum. 
To protect your investment, we offer lifelong technical support and an enhanced warranty, which covers main machine & replacement parts for 1 year from the date of delivery. All our machines are under strict quality control. Technical solutions will be offered to you asap if any technical problem is reported. Free replacement parts will be offered asap if any parts problem, and the replacement parts will 100% fix the problem.