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Electric Eyelash Curler Heated, 3 Temperature Mode, Quick Heating, USB Rechargeable

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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA electric eyelash curler heated, 3 temperature mode, quick heating, usb rechargeable online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
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  • 39.99
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  • * 【Attractive and fast curling】:The lash curler can fast heat up within 10s and the curved curling head quickly creates a perfect, natural curl for your eyes. Lasts up to 24 hours.
  • * 【Adjust Temperature Accurately】:Our heated eyelash curler comes with 3 temperature settings from 60°c to 80°c to gently curl your lashes and create stunning curls for different types of lashes without frizzing or pinching them.
  • * 【How to use】:Press the root of eyelashes and stay for about 5-10 seconds. Brush to the middle of the eyelashes and press again for about 5-10 seconds. Then press the end of the eyelashes and stay for about 5-10 seconds. Repeat 5-8 times.
  • * 【Rechargeable Portable】:Fast charging and easy to carry , Rechargeable heated eyelash curler has a slim and compact design, perfect for carrying on the go. It is a must-have in every girl's makeup bag.
  • * 【Safe and Harmless】:The double-sided anti-scalding comb teeth are safe and do not harm the skin, and the lashes are protected from the grooves through the bumps so that they are curled without damaging the eyelids.

This electric heated eyelash curlers kit for women can just preheating up within 10-20s, better use effect after heating for 30s, and made eyelash curling a whole day. EASY TO OPERATE: One-button control to turn the heated eyelash curlers on and off (press for 2-3 seconds), 10-20s WARM-UP! At the same time, indicator light will turns from purple to pink when ready to use, which is clear at a glance and better let you know when it's ready to use. So convenient!

Dual-use Brush Head - 2 in 1 heat eyelash curler head, the clip-type head can be used to wear false eyelashes and curl them together with real eyelashes, making your lashes looks more natural. The comb-style brush head is also heated and can be used to comb and shape the lashes to create the perfect curves.

Our portable heating eyelash curler with 3 temperature modes from 60°c (140°F) to 80°c (176°F). The first gear is blue, the second gear is red with blue, and the third gear is red. Short press to switch the temperature, long press again for 1-2s to shut down. You can select temperatures level depending on the different eyelashes/region. Perfect not only for natural lashes, but also for false lashes. Using with mascara to achieve better effect.

With a heat-insulating protection groove, which can prevent the heat from directly contacting the eyelids and hurting the skin. Safety and energy-saving, USB charging of cycle use, you can save the cost of batteries (Charge cable included). It can be fully charged in just 80 minutes. After 15 minutes without using or battery is low, it will automatically shut down. (Charging: red light flashes; Full: light off)

CE, ROHS certified, package includes user manual, USB charge cable and clean brush.

Use with mascara for more effect:
1. Apply the mascara before using the device.
2. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on and start preheating for 10 seconds(preheating for over 30 seconds for better effect).
3. Hold the mascara from the root and lift and bend upwards, adjust the position and repeat several times(about 3 seconds every time).
4. Apply a second coat of mascara to set your lashes, and use a heated comb to comb through the outer side to set your lashes.
5. Long press for 2 seconds to shut down.

1. Double-sided anti-scalding comb teeth social, safe, and not easy to burn
2. Can use cotton swabs or special brushes to clean up after each use
3. If the eyelash curler is not hot or takes a long time to curl, please check if the power is sufficient.
Reviews (20)
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Love this
I’m so glad I found this again! I had one for a few year and it finally quit working and was sad because it kept sayin this was out of stock and I finally got a new and I will order a back when I get kid again. Thank you heated eyelash curler ever!!!!
Works really good! Good product!
I love it! It heats up really quickly and makes my eyelashes look long and beautiful!! Highly recommend it! Easy to use!Good price !!! That’s worth it !
Works really good! Good product!
Works great
This product does a good job. My lashes stay curled all day and look great.
Works great
this curls as expected!
love that its like a curling iron where it clasps the lashes. lol
It works!!
This heated eyelash curler works great! My eyelashes won't stay curled with traditional eyelash curler but with this they do. It works best when you apply mascara first before using the curler.
A nice eyelash curler
It heats up fast and works well on my eyelashes. It definitely makes a huge difference over using a regular curler. It works best when you have some mascara already on your lashes. It’s nicely portable and charges fast. The comb that comes with it is also great at separating my lashes.
Heated Eyelash Curler
Has multiple heat settings.
Good option for curling ur lashes
I just received this and Im practicing with this tool, it charged super fast and needs just seconds to be ready to use
Good option for curling ur lashes
It works!!
It works with a mascara well! The heat was not hot. I will use it often.
Very practical
I like the size of the eyelash curler and easy to carry when traveling
Ask Question
it can be used on false lashes 
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