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Dr. Pen Ultima M8s Professional Microneedling Dermapen, USB Rechargeable, 5pcs 12pin Cartridges Pack

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  • Buy FREYARA dr. pen ultima m8s professional microneedling dermapen, usb rechargeable, 5pcs 12pin cartridges pack online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • DRPM8S01
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  • 129.99
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  • * 【AFFORDABLE】: Have you ever spent a fortune on skin treatment in the salon? Dr. Pen M8S microneedling pen is a professional at-home electric beauty pen kit for anyone looking for cost-effective, safe, and non-invasive treatment.
  • * 【REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOG 】:Dr. Pen M8S microneedling pen is an upgraded version of the bestselling personal skin pen Dr. Pen M8. Fast charging & Dual mode (wired / wireless) is easy to use for face and body. The microneedle pen range from 0 to 2.5 mm to finetune & the 6-speed selection is handy for different skin condition. Redesigned with users in mind, several small upgrades help give you more efficient and economical results that are of professional quality!
  • * 【PROFESSIONAL CARTRIDGES】: The needle cartridge is equipped with a three-snap non-slip fixed structure for improved performance and device protection. It also features a wavy contact surface and checks valve that protects the device . The Dr. Pen M8S will help give your skin a smooth, youthfully radiant glow. Pair with your favorite serum for increased absorption!
  • * 【NEW USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES】: In addition to the wide range of needle cartridge options, A larger panel display highlights the overall aesthetic. Battery power indicator for easy reference of the device's remaining power. Supports Type-C power cable for charging flexibility. Comes with a new easy-to-store protective case for more convenient device carry and storage. Skin pens and cartridges are placed in layers for better.
  • * 【MULTIPLE USES 】: It can not only be used as a face and body but also as a scalp or beard to help stimulate hair and beard growth. Our user manual has a detailed description of each type of cartridge. Enjoy exquisite skincare in the comfort of your own home!
Prime day
Dr.pen Ultima M8S is the newest microneedling pen launched by Dr.pen, for promotes luminous, youthful, and vibrant skin glow in the comfort of your own home.

You can apply it to all your target areas,such as face, body, beard and more,0.25mm safe painless.This key step in your beauty routine as never been this affordable with our microneedle pen.

The M8S derma pen is developed on the basis of the U.S hight standards. 6 speeds, adjustable, wired or wireless can be work, Each Ultima M8S pen is from Dr. Pen's original Factory.

Whoever you’re shopping for a partner, a BFF, or yourself, Our skin pen make the ideal Valentine's Day gifts for her, him, or anyone looking to upgrade their skincare routine.

1.Digital display: Visual 6 speed, more intuitive operation and accurate selection.
2.Sleek, modern and ergonomic design.
3.One-click operation:One-handed control switches and speed,more quick and easy.
4.Bayonet disign:Upgrded 3 slots,more stable.
5.Longer battery life:Equipped with 600mAh high-capacity battery for longer working hours.
6.High-performance motors:Equipped with high-performance motor, strong power and more silence.
Reviews (16)
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Best investment! Cost the same as one professional treatment
Micro needling can be so expensive and when you have to go 6-12 times, that will cost you thousands. This little machine is just as good as the ones at the spa, for a fraction of the cost. I love that it came with 9 fills 3 nano, 3 18 pin and 3 36 pin. The nano is great for doing a touch up every couple of weeks, the 18 for the face & the 36 for some scare tissue I have. I would definitely recommend getting some Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Numbing and hyaluronic acid because it can me a little tender and your skin might feel a little tight after. Dr Pen has some great YouTube Videos so you can learn to use & the refills are very affordable here on Amazon. So much better because you use a fresh new one every time. I would not recommend using the cheaper needle rollers. This was everything I could have wish for at a price I can do monthly!
Best investment! Cost the same as one professional treatment Best investment! Cost the same as one professional treatment Best investment! Cost the same as one professional treatment Best investment! Cost the same as one professional treatment Best investment! Cost the same as one professional treatment
 Great product for at home facial treatment
The results are amazing. I'm 64 yo black female who was skeptical but I am so happy with the results. Thank you.
 Great product for at home facial treatment
My skin looks GREAT
I have tried numerous treatments and products to improve the appearance of my skin. I stumbled across Dr. Pens micro needling pen and can already tell after a few uses that I found a true game-changer in my skincare routine.It’s lightweight, easy to use and my pores look amazing. I’ll be getting another one for my cousin for Christmas!
My skin looks GREAT
Nice to able to do microneedling at home
Effective and sleek
Sleek and easy to pack/travel with. Multi heads included and definitely gets the job done. I’ve been using this for my hair line.
Very effective, spa grade
I recently purchased an auto micro needling pen, and I couldn't be happier with the results.The auto micro needling pen has made a significant difference in the appearance and health of my skin. After using it consistently for a few weeks, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in the texture and tone of my complexion. Fine lines and wrinkles have become less noticeable, and my skin feels firmer and more radiant. This is my second one because I lost mine while traveling.What I love most about this pen is its ease of use. It's user-friendly and incredibly convenient, allowing me to do my micro needling sessions from the comfort of my home. Plus, the adjustable needle depth ensures a customized and comfortable treatment experience, making it suitable for various skin concerns.I appreciate the minimal downtime required after each session, as it allows me to seamlessly incorporate micro needling into my busy schedule. Also, I've noticed that my skincare products seem to absorb better after using the pen, which has further enhanced the effectiveness of my entire skincare routine. Bonus: Box it comes in.
Very effective, spa grade
Love this pen!
Love this pen! Amazing quality!
So easy to use!
Great value to do at home treatments rather than paying medspa prices! I’ve only done 5 sessions but I’m loving my results so far!
Good quality
The delivery was fast, just in time for Valentine's Day.My wife loved it.She said the product was of good quality and I'm glad she liked the gift. Thank you!
Good quality
Whatch some videos first.
The item came well packaged and on time. It included the pen in a little protective bag, charger, manual and needles in a hard protective box. I've only had this a few days and I have tried it once. I do wish I had watched more videos (I only watched one) and the advice was to keep it at. 25 for the face. I'm in my 50s and given my desired results of reducing lines I would have gone deeper. I personally found it painless. I still haven't set on a style of use so it was a bit clumsy. I did use hyaluronic acid while using the device and I continue to use it. My face did become red and it started peeling on the third day. I cannot speak to its long term effectiveness but I feel it has promise and I will continue to use it. I hope to remember to update this post after future uses.
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