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Vacuum Therapy Cupping Machine with 24 Acrylic Cups, Body Scraping Shape Massage for Butt, Breast Body, Plug Charge

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  • Buy FREYARA vacuum therapy cupping machine with 24 acrylic cups, body scraping shape massage for butt, breast body, plug charge online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00100
  • SKU: TS00100
  • 229.99
In Stock
  • * 【Multifunctional Vacuum Cupping Machine】3 in 1 Vacuum Therapy Massage Machine include Cupping Therapy Treatment, Body Sculpting.Updated suction power is 0-75cmgh.
  • * 【Professional Design】The vacuum therapy machine provides 6 different usage modes, simple and convenient operation.
  • * 【Body Massage&Sculpting】Gain a good figure quickly by pulling, twisting, pressing, turning, pinching and other sports massage the muscles.
  • * 【Wide applcation】Portable and easy to use, cupping vacuum machine Suitable for Face, buttock, waist, back,legs.(Note: Do the air test before the first use)
  • * 【Gain Confidence and Aesthetic Support】Have a cupping massager machine that make you larger and more beautiful.Contact us if you have any problems and download the manual on my page.
Prime day
specially designed vacuum pump can quickly improve the size and shape or breast without any pain and health threats. It does not involve silicon injection or push and fill bras, it will make you have a natural and beautiful breast during the physiological period.

the vacuum pump absorbs fat particles and liquids into the breast tissue and cells, making the breast more developed.

toxins, purify the lymphatic system, repair skin pores, reshape skin, improve microcirculation, enhance collagen elasticity, enhance sagging muscles, anti-wrinkle, activate skin, remove eye bags and double jaws, eliminate wrinkles and telangiectasia, treat health.

stimulate the pituitary to produce hormones, enhance muscle tissue elasticity and fiber, restore breast elasticity and softness, enhance and develop breasts, improve breast shape, improve nipple absorption, and stabilize treatment.

accelerate fatty acid conversion, safely and effectively remove excess fat, reduce weight, slim down, eliminate belly fat, improve leg shape, firm skin, can be used for scrub, point impact treatment, lymphatic drainage, treatment of cellulite. Improve the buttocks and achieve a perfect body contour.
Reviews (42)
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Works well
Works well wish it came with proper instructions on how to use all the Modes and tools.
It works!
I have used the machine and I am very pleased with it. Easy to set up and it works perfect.
 It came very quickly, all the parts were included and it came w instructions for the beginners but I knew how to use it already from past experience! Suction works GREAT, I was actually surprised! Great investment, don’t feel like I spent/wasted money AT ALL!! Highly recommend
Use some baby oil or get blisters
Seems well made. Been using about a month now. When using the breast or butt lift don't use more than 20 mins at a time unless you use some baby oil as a lube. It will rub your skin raw or put tiny blisters on your skin that have to heal before using it again. Other than that seems to work well
Not super powerful but great to start off
 Easy to use, great to start off with but not super powerful.
It’s a good product as long as you know what you’re doing
The machine itself is good , especially if you know what you’re doing. It is a good professional machine for the price I gave it four stars because one of my cords came with a hole in it and I had difficulties with trying to contact customer service.
This rocks-great for do at home in between therapy sessions
Awesome! The baby cups will suction your neck after surgery—please wait until your PT advises you to use it for scar tissue removal. Buy the large (24 cups I think) for the smaller cups to be included. The small cup also works great on abdominal section after endo surgery. Wait till you PT and or doc recommends. Use the smallest face setting for your neck. Use lotion before you suction and move back and forth motion parallel to the scar.
Perfect machine for a beginner
I use this machine on my clients all the time. It can be used for the face & body. Just manage your suction correctly according to the area you’re working on
Great unit to have - I have now bought 2
Great unit to have - I have now bought 2
Works really well
I didn’t really know what to expect but it definitely works and the suction is pretty powerful. I’m excited to see results
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If you want to purchase in bulk, you can contact us by email . This is our official e-mail: service@freyara.com If you only need to buy a few units, you can buy them online.