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EMS + RF Facial Care Beauty Device for Lifting Wrinkle Reduction, 3 Modes, USB Rechargeable

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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA ems + rf facial care beauty device for lifting wrinkle reduction, 3 modes, usb rechargeable online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00096
  • SKU: TS00096
  • 149.99
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Radio frequency
The contact surfaces of the applicator deliver radio frequency energy with an optimally selected power and frequency to the subcutaneous layer. You can regulate the amount of radio frequency energy yourself according to the type of part treated. The average length of use depends on the size of the treated area. Using the device itself is completely easy and intuitive. It takes place in the form of "stamping" the face or faster short movements. The contact surfaces on the application head have a special shape. Thanks to this, you can completely treat the entire area of the face without leaving open spaces.

The contact surfaces of the applicator generate EMS pulses. The electrical pulses directly target the muscle fiber structure. Classic electrostimulators work in the same way, which stimulate muscles on selected parts of the body through gel adhesive electrodes. The electric pulses of the cosmetic device penetrate through the upper part of the skin directly to the facial muscles. In the area of the face, you will achieve an improvement in the texture of the skin, its tone and an increase in elasticity. The skin has a rejuvenated and radiant appearance. You emphasize the contours of the face.

Photon therapy
Light is simply the visible part of electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies. It reaches different wavelengths in the range of 390 to 760 nm (nanometers). The human eye is capable of perceiving light with wavelengths ranging from 400 to 800 nm. In photon therapy, light penetrates the body as a stream of energy in the form of photons. It is scientifically proven that different wavelengths of light result in specific effects in skin care. Studies have verified a real positive therapeutic benefit for living tissues and organisms at the cellular level.

Red light (wavelength 620nm)

It supports the natural production of collagen.
Increasing the efficiency of absorption of active ingredients of cosmetic products.
Improvement of blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue.
Prevents the formation of pigment.
Yellow light (wavelength 520nm)

Supports the absorption of cosmetic products.
It contributes to the improvement of cellular metabolism.
Improves detoxification properties by supporting lymphatic activity.
Especially effective after intensive mechanical peeling.
It helps to slow down skin aging.
Features & Specifications

9 contact surfaces of the application head
Intended for home use (user may only use on himself)
Modern technology: radio frequency, EMS pulses, photon light (red, yellow)
Directly targeting the remodeling of collagen and elastic fibers
Designed for all skin types without restrictions
Non-invasive treatment (no part of the applicator penetrates the skin)
Repeatable treatment in the comfort of your home
The treatment itself only takes a few minutes
A truly effective solution for mature and tired skin
Certified device
Completely safe to use if you follow the safety recommendations
Using the device does not burden the organism in any way
Designed for the face, neck and décolletage
Wireless use (powered by rechargeable battery)
Non-invasive treatment (the device does not penetrate directly through the skin)
Treatment without any unpleasant sensations
The high utility value of the device offers only modern technologies for treatment
With regular use, achievable effects of non-invasive skin rejuvenation
Optimized performance for maximum effect while remaining gentle on the skin
Softening of deep and fine mimic wrinkles
Increasing skin elasticity
Achievable lifting effect
A rejuvenated and radiant look
Radio frequency: 1MHz
Frequency of EMS pulses: 55KHz
Power supply: rechargeable li-ion battery
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Charging: USB cable (included)
Dimensions: 5.2x5.2x19cm
Weight: 190g
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