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80K RF Ultrasonic Vacuum Cavitation System 6in1, for Fat Burning Body Slimming Sculpting, with Lipolaser Pads

U$ 700.00 Tax Free & VAT Included
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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA 80k rf ultrasonic vacuum cavitation system 6in1, for fat burning body slimming sculpting, with lipolaser pads online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00118
  • SKU: TS00118
  • 700
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80K Cavitation: high-frequency ultrasonic vibrate fat cells at top speed to promote cell motivation to reduce fat, resulting in an introverted blast without harming surrounding tissues. 

Vacuum RF: Accelerate metabolism, reduce fat, promote blood circulation and lymphatic detox, relieve muscle fatigue, and tighten skin by thermal suction massage.

Multi-pole RF + red LED light: Generate heat to exhaust the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids to reduce fat, accelerate collagen contraction and regeneration, promote blood circulation and metabolism to reduce wrinkles, and firm skin, and increase skin elasticity.

EMS Lipolaser: Combine the technology of EMS and Lipo in the slimming laser plates. Microcurrent is used to enter the muscle cells through the skin while the low-level laser energy targets and breaks fat cells and breaks down stored triglycerides.

6in1 cavitation, vacuum RF, multi-pole RF, EMS, Lipolaser, LED light therapy

80K cavitation strong energy and better slimming effect

Smaller main unit take less space and cost less shipping fee.

Upgraded external filter prevent the air pump from being blocked.

Automatic frequency adjustment don't need to adjust the frequency yourself.

9 optional languages convenient for people in different countries to use.
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