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Ultrasonic Machine Physiotherapy, Fat Burner Body Shaper Weight Loss Skin Care 3in1 Facial Beauty Machine Repairing Recovery Detoxification

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  • Buy FREYARA ultrasonic machine physiotherapy, fat burner body shaper weight loss skin care 3in1 facial beauty machine repairing recovery detoxification online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00101
  • SKU: TS00101
  • 99.99
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  • * 【Face and Body Massager】Can also be used as a massager to promote blood circulation and soothe the skin, ideal for daily spa treatments for face and body.
  • * 【Ergonomic and portable design】The slim, lightweight device is easy to use and allows users to enjoy professional skincare treatments at home or on the go.
  • * 【Innovative three-in-one functionality】Combines ultrasonic power with the removal of skin spots, moles and tattoos for a comprehensive spa experience in facial and body treatments.
  • * 【Advanced Ultrasound Technology】Utilises high-frequency vibrations to promote skin renewal and targets deep tissue to increase elasticity and collagen production.
  • * 【EFFECTIVE blemish removal】Designed to remove skin imperfections such as moles, spots and tattoos while improving skin clarity and texture without the need for invasive surgery.
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Ultrasonic Machine Physiotherapy Using the physical properties of 40KHz ultrasound, in the fat produced numerous fine vacuum bubbles, under the vibration wave continuously shrink into the bubble inward oppression, effectively blasting the fat cell membrane, to truly decompose and dissolve the content of fat cells effect, reduce fat regiment or through lymphatic drainage of weight loss after treatment, soon rebound problem. Can eliminate fat and cells, the stubborn fat completely eliminated.

Fat Burner is the use of dermis collagen in the 60℃~70℃ temperature, will produce an immediate contraction of the characteristics, you can let loose skin after repair, immediately feel upward lifting, compaction of the pull skin effect. A steady stream of collagen, it will make the skin dermis layer thickness and density increase, fill wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and luster. With the growth of collagen, the number of regenerated cells will also be filled with wrinkles.

Facial Beauty Machine Advanced four-pole cycle radio frequency technology, in a second can be the site of the regulation of the electrical field in the biological tissue electrode change millions of times, the natural resistance of subcutaneous tissue to generate heat, heat stimulation of the dermis layer secrete more new collagen. Fill the vacancy of collagen, and then hold up the skin bracket again, restore skin elasticity.
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