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RF Cavitation Machine, Body Sculpting Slimming Device, 3 Massage Heads for Belly Fat, Waist, Arm, Leg, Butt, Plug Charge

U$ 199.99 Tax Free & VAT Included
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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA rf cavitation machine, body sculpting slimming device, 3 massage heads for belly fat, waist, arm, leg, butt, plug charge online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00088
  • SKU: TS00088
  • 199.99
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With the Body sculpting machine, you can achieve a beautiful sculpted body and get rid of the unaesthetic cellulite in the comfort of your own home, without spending fortunes on expensive treatments or lotions!

Our electric cellulite remover massager uses a special technology that can convert electrical energy into heat energy that penetrates your skin and accelerate the burning process, which can help remove unwanted fat from the areas you want to define!(The device doesn't vibrate)

This body sculpting massager can help support collagen production through a deep layer massage, that can help promote skin tightening and firming and improve the appearance of loose skin!

The anti cellulite massager can help minimize the unaesthetic appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and scars by releasing the external pulling force centered on the contact point, ensuring an excellent skin tightening effect!

The body shaping device uses constant temperature technology that is safe and gentle with your skin.

Frequency: 40KHZ
RF level: 10
RF Handle:3 pole RF head & 4 polar RF head
Screen Size: approx. 4.3inch
Voltage: 100V - 240V
Power: 50W
40K Head: 150V,40KHZ,25W
3 Polar RF Head: 24V,3MHZ,1W
4 Pole RF Head: 66V,3MHZ,35W
Reviews (31)
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The item is not good enough and I can’t return it
The item is not good enough and I can’t return it
Great product!
This thing is amazing. It works i highly recommend just use an oil or ultrasound gel and everything works great. I would just like to say the downfall is the manual doesn't really explain what each mode is and what it does.
ATTENTION: PLEASE SET YOUR FREQUENCY BETWEEN 20,000-30K OR you will hear loud ringing in your ears, also the lower the frequency the deeper the penetration. PLEASE DO NOT USE HIGHER FREQUENCY! 35-40K IS TOO WEAK (DO YOUR RESEARCH) I LOVE MY CAVITATION MECHINE! I wish each one had its own outlet. But it works for me.
Professional results, easy to use and works amazing
I love this machine. It’s professional spa quality. I am an esthetician and have used many machines and found this qualified for my clients and myself, I travel with this machine. I highly recommend this machine to anyone who wants results.
Good Item
Very effective and actually works. Must be consistent
Easy and reliable
Firstly the product arrived on time, I was super excited to receive my stuff, since quarantine i figure i have time to work on myself...I try workout as best as I can
Best beauty machine ever
It was so easy to operate and I have found with regular use great results.
It works : )
One of the most important things is to turn up the intensity as indicated in my photo. Once you turn up the intensity then you can feel heat and start to see results!! I honestly have been doing this for a few weeks and thought I was seeing results. Now after turning up the intensity it's a different experience.
Good buy.
I love this machine, it really gave great results, but the ultrasonic cavitation was defective. I literally felt it in my arm while I was using it.
Bad product
This device stop working on the second use. I would not recommend.
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