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7 Color LED Light Therapy Facial Care Machine, 178 Light Beads with Nano Steam Spray, Photodynamic PDT Light Beauty Instrument

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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA 7 color led light therapy facial care machine, 178 light beads with nano steam spray, photodynamic pdt light beauty instrument online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00087
  • SKU: TS00087
  • 119.99
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1. this beauty machine is multi-purpose. Provides deep hydration and spectral irradiation. Improve skin from the inside out, brighten skin radiance and increase skin elasticity

2. Multiple spectrum, double layer penetration. Different LED wavelengths penetrate the epidermis and dermis, thereby improving various skin problems.

3. Nano spray, deep moisturizing. Using ultrasound to create a nano-unit spray, tiny water particles penetrate deep into the skin and are quickly absorbed.

4. LED beauty lamp beads. Use 178 LED beneficial light sources and wide-angle design to expand the irradiation range.

5. Comprehensive care from head to toe. The foldable design can be used flexibly in flat, side, sitting, prone, etc., and can be irradiated from head to toe.

6. The water tank can be replaced, and the water tank can be taken out and replaced by using the disassembly spray design. large control panel, Simpler and easy to operate. Smooth bayonet design, Easy to install and remove for easy storage.


1. Assemble the machine first, then add water to the water tank

2.Clean and dry the skin to be treated

3.Connect with a power

4.Wear the goggles attached

5. Touch the on/off key to power on

6. Turn on the nano spray mode, and then select the appropriate gear

7. You can choose the LED light you want, or press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds to enter the 6 color cycle mode

8. Enjoy a 25-minute photon treatment


1. It is recommended to use diluted product or purified water

2. Do not mix with high-concentration lotion or essential oils

3.It is forbidden to look directly at any type of light emitted by the machine. When illuminating the face, it is recommended to wear sunglasses or shading goggles.

4. Allergic skin patients should be cautious to do a small-scale test on a hidden skin location, and only use it on a large area if there is no allergy.

5. If you experience discomfort when using this product, you should stop using it immediately to recover. When you use it again, you should follow the principle of short-term and multiple-frequency irradiation, and then use it normally after your body gradually adapts.

7-in-1 LED beauty equipment can control the color of light and skin care time through the button on the top, so that you can feel the skin care experience at the level of beauty salon at home. 178 large rows of light beads and 180° light source provide comprehensive skin care for your face, neck, hands and body.

Can be carried out at home without going to the beauty salon for beauty and skin care, so as to improve the skin condition. The operation is simple. We suggest you take care of it 2-4 times a week, 15-20 minutes each time (the long-term effect will be better)

This LED face machine is very durable, reusable, and easy to install and use. Both men and women can use, suitable for all skin. Through LED beads, energy will penetrate into the skin, activate the activity of skin cells, make the skin absorb light to the greatest extent and achieve the effect of improving the skin. Note: Some wires may be hidden in holes and need to be pulled out and connected.


Power supply: DC12V-2A

Power: 24W

Frequency: 50-60Hz(100-240V)

Lamp beads: 178pcs

Reviews (204)
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Good product
I like this LED lamp. I bought it for Red light and Blue light. I have noticed a subtle difference in my skin tone and texture.
Good LED Mask option
Good product to use at home as an in home spa experience while relaxing. Good investment.
Great product. Easy to use
Easy to use. Instructions easy to understand. Works well. All lights work
Relaxing but results take time
I have been using this product daily for two weeks now. It is very easy to use and very relaxing, however, don't expect immediate results. I am starting to see some improvements in my skin texture, but this is after two weeks. My skin is beginning to feel softer and does have a glow. I will keep using to see results after using it for a month. I like that this product has different light colors. I like to use red, blue, green, purple, and white for my fine lines. I do feel my skin doesn't sag as much anymore. So we will see how it works after using it for a longer time.
Easy to use and effective. I can be hands free to massage a client while getting results!
I'm an esthetician and this is great. I've been using it for a month or so and I'm getting results!I can massage my clients arms while they receive LED. Love it
Some improvements to my skin, though not a silver bullet
my wife and I are very impressed with this LED face mask therapy product. My wife is Asian and is very knowledgeable about skin care. She uses this everyday and the results are very noticeable. The seller has a great product and a great price!You will not be disappointed
Easy to use but assembly required
I do not have any complaints about this product. It is easy to use although there is some assembly required. It's pretty straight forward and easy thou. The only thing I'd suggest is that the directions provide details on what benefits the different colors have.
I've tried hundreds in creams, liquids, peptides, Botox, juviderm- to no avail or very little. Gave this item a shot and very shocked with results. Forehead wrinkles have filled in, only 2 light ones left out of 10 to 12 I had. No more crows feet or any lines around eye area. Facial laugh lines have filled in. In my 50s and people think I'm around mid 30s now. It's amazing. No drugs no side effects. Just select your color, place goggled over eyes, and lay down under light set by timer and relax or nap. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 5 STARS! WISH I HAD PURCHASED YRS AGO AND SAVED A LOT OF MONEY ALL THESE YRS. TRY THIS BEFORE YOU WASTE HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS ON CREAMS FILLERS AND OTHER PRODUCTS. YOU'LL SEE RESULTS IN A SMALL AMOUNT IF TIME. LOVE IT! COSTS VERY LITTLE COMPARED TO ALL ELSE I'VE SPENT OVER THE YRS.EASY ASSEMBLY- A CHILD COULD SNAP BOTH SIDES TOGETHER..SET TIMERS AND SELECTING COLORS IS AS EASY AS PUSHING A BUTTON. YOU'LL LOVE IT!
Very happy!
I couldn't be happier with this product. It was an investment but I'm glad I purchased. I use the yellow and green on my ankle that will swell. I use it on my face amd notice a difference in my skin. My only wish would be that it could be folded for easier storage and transport.
More comfortable than ones u put directly on your face
I like this light therapy product because it does not have to sit on the face like a mask. I do microneedling facials so you have to be really particular about what you put on the skin post treatment. A client will have a thick layer of serum on top of their open pored face (which is usually painful just post treatment) . Red light therapy is great for healing which is why I wanted to get this for my clients to use post treatment to enhance the healing of their micro injuries. That is why I opted for a product that does not have to touch the face
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