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Electric Body Massage Tool Comb Head, EMS Microcurrent, 4 Light Mode for Muscle Relief Blood Circulation, USB Rechargeable

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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA electric body massage tool comb head, ems microcurrent, 4 light mode for muscle relief blood circulation, usb rechargeable online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00074
  • SKU: TS00074
  • 39.99
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1. EMS Microcurrent: This electric body massager is equipped with EMS microcurrent, which can promote the absorption of the body cream, amplify the effect of body oil, and at the same time lift and firm the skin.
2. Comb Massage Head: The comb shaped massage head of this massager can effectively dredge the muscles and meridians of the whole body, accelerate the blood circulation, promote the decomposition of adipose.
3. Four Phototherapy Effects: The four phototherapy effects of the massager can improve blood circulation, promote swelling subsidence, relieve soreness, reduce muscle tension, and relieve muscle spasms.
4. High Frequency Vibration: The high frequency vibration function of this electric massager, combined with EMS microcurrent, can make the massage effect arrive at the deep muscles, making the skin more dynamic and elastic.
5. Automatic Power Off: 9 minutes after the massager is started, the machine will automatically power off to prevent excessive massage. This design is very scientific and makes it very convenient for you to use.

Applicable parts: Head, shoulder, neck, back, abdominal, leg, hand.
Efficacy: This massager is a skin massage care product that integrates vibration, phototherapy and microcurrent. The product is based on ergonomics and integrates various curve designs. The high frequency vibration massager can be used to massage the body, and can also be used for pressing acupoints, so that the muscles can be relieved, the skin can be stretched to become elastic moisturizing.

How to use:
(1) Key operations
1. Power on/off: Long press the power button for 1 second (the buzzer "beeps" for 1 second when power on/off)
2. Mode switching: Short press the M key after booting;
3. EMS gear switching: Short press the power button after powering on.
(2)Functional Mode
Mode 1: Red Light plus EMS (Microurrent);
Mode 2: Violet plus VIB (vibration);
Mode 3: Blue light plus EMS (Microcurrent) plus VIB (Vibration);
Mode 4:  Red light, blue light flash alternately plus EMS (microcurrent) plus VIB (vibration)
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