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Facial Makeup Airbrush, Toner Nano Mist Steamer, 0.3mm Sprayer, USB Rechargeable

U$ 49.99 Tax Free & VAT Included
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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA facial makeup airbrush, toner nano mist steamer, 0.3mm sprayer, usb rechargeable online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00050
  • SKU: TS00050
  • 49.99
In Stock
This makeup airbrush kit can disintegrates diluted high viscosity water-based skin care products into nanospray, mix with oxygen, promote skin absorption, and achieve the effect of deep hydration.According to the fineness of the water mist, it is divided into three adjustable grades.

Made of all metal material, which has a stronger body and better heat dissipation. The handle is frosted to improve slip resistance, and the emerald green airbrush presents the visual sense of gemstones under light and night.

Airbrush kit for painting has a built-in battery and compressor, which eliminates complicated wires. All parts are integrated, lightweight, hand-held, and easy to carry. Adopts a rechargeable design. You can use your laptop, mobile power bank, and car charger to charge the airbrush kit through the USB cable anytime and anywhere.

This mini spray gun kit is equipped with liquid cups of different capacities, 5ml and 20ml liquid cups meet the needs of the capacity, and the spray gun can also adjust the degree of atomization. Suitable for facial beauty, art painting, tattoo, cake decorating, makeup, manicure, model coloring.
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