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Facial Oxygen Airbrush, Toner Nano Mist Steamer, 0.3mm Sprayer, USB Rechargeable

U$ 49.99 Tax Free & VAT Included
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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA facial oxygen airbrush, toner nano mist steamer, 0.3mm sprayer, usb rechargeable online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • TS00050
  • SKU: TS00050
  • 49.99
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This makeup airbrush kit can disintegrates diluted high viscosity water-based skin care products into nanospray, mix with oxygen, promote skin absorption, and achieve the effect of deep hydration.According to the fineness of the water mist, it is divided into three adjustable grades.

Made of all metal material, which has a stronger body and better heat dissipation. The handle is frosted to improve slip resistance, and the emerald green airbrush presents the visual sense of gemstones under light and night.

Airbrush kit for painting has a built-in battery and compressor, which eliminates complicated wires. All parts are integrated, lightweight, hand-held, and easy to carry. Adopts a rechargeable design. You can use your laptop, mobile power bank, and car charger to charge the airbrush kit through the USB cable anytime and anywhere.

This mini spray gun kit is equipped with liquid cups of different capacities, 5ml and 20ml liquid cups meet the needs of the capacity, and the spray gun can also adjust the degree of atomization. Suitable for facial beauty, art painting, tattoo, cake decorating, makeup, manicure, model coloring.
Reviews (26)
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I am ordering liquid foundation
I could use this with essence or toner, but I would rather use foundation. Every time I see one of those commercials with the foundation sprayer, I want one. I am ordering my sprayer foundation today. And after I get to spray my face, then I will clean the machine as instructed.
Great Makeup Airbrush
Pretty nice Makeup Airbrush. Really easy to assemble and use.Very smooth and Help restore dehydrated skin. Good mist of serum and toner, it takes 60 seconds to complete a deep skin care.Also, it advertised can use milk and oil for a skin spa, however, I don't think it is good for oil base, it will stuck.Overall, its a good try.
Is this just a serum and toner mister, or can it truly apply makeup foundation as well?I actually wanted this more for makeup, but I think that's wishful thinking. This cordless makeup airbrush and nano mist sprayer boasts the latest in Japanese technology. It's a diffuser with a pressure spray that helps serums and toners penetrate the skin with deeper absorption, and uses very little product (mixed with water) to do it. All that's wonderful, but is it for me?I've never used any brand of this type sprayer before, and feel a bit out of my league. The directions are poor at best and leave out answers to all my questions. I'm not sure how much product to use, how much to dilute (if at all), or what water-based foundation can be used in it, or if I'd even like those foundations. Mine are creamy and very moisturizing. No oil-free or matte for me. I don't like water-based foundation, but apparently it can only handle water-based products. Period. Well, how does that make it useful for oil rich serums? It lacks a compressor, is cordless, and doesn't run long before shutting off. I really think is not meant for foundation application, even though the description throws that in.No question, the device is nicely made and beautifully packaged. Perhaps better than it actually functions. I don't like time-consuming beauty that isn't worth the investment. This device needs to be taken out and assembled for each use, filled, used, and then cleaned each time. It reminds me of blender and morning smoothies. For me, there were too many warnings about how and what can clog the sprayer. And only water-based products can used ... or it will clog. It's like a high maintenance significant other when I can just use my fingers or brushes much easier.It's a wonderful device that may not be worth the trouble on a daily basis for me. I just need to decide whether deeper penetration of products on my face is worth such labor intensive involvement. For women accustomed to these sprayers, this one is probably a piece of cake. But, it's added time to MY existing routine making it even longer. I'm still focused on the amount of product per use and preventing unnecessary waste.The nano mist output is like my high-end humidifier. It breaks down the molecules in such a fine mist that very little liquid is necessary. I still feel a little iffy about using it every day, and may get lazy and use it only occasionally for intensive beauty treatments. This is the same reason I don't wear false eyelashes. Too much trouble, and my own are long and more than fine.
Love it!
This was easy to get started with, you just have to screw in the little cup (two choices of the metal one or larger plastic one) that holds product. I've been using it for different toners and it's really lovely! A nice fine mist that feels cooling and hydrating. I've always applied toner by just putting some in my hand and pressing it into my skin. This is faster and easier. This airbrush is also easy to clean. Just put some water in, run it and it's all set. Overall very happy!
Multi-use airbrush tool
I love using this airbrush tool to apply liquid water-based foundation. It looks flawless! I can even use it to apply self tanner. It's very gentle on my skin and sprays fine mist, creating a glowing complexion. It's easy to use, to clean and is cordless.
Love it!
This airbrush machine is awesome! It arrived quickly and well packaged. It is very well put together and the packaging is beautiful! It’s pretty straightforward to use you twist on the spray part to the top and then you are provided with two different sizes of containers of which to put your serum or liquid in. And you simply turn it on and press the button and spray away! You can adjust the the intensity of the spray at the end you can turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust how heavy the spray is. It works so well and it’s so simple and straight forward!! I’m surprised I haven’t ordered this sooner! It works really well with lighter serum’s I try to thicker serum and it didn’t work quite as well but for the most part it works with pretty much anything! Now I just need to order some airbrush foundation!
Fine Spray Mist
The Cordless Makeup Airbrush was easy to assemble. It has two different size holding cups, although the smaller one was quite adequate. The Airbrush produces a fine mist. It worked well for the even application of moisturizer. It is convenient to recharge using a USB connector cord. Altogether, a nice piece of technology.
Cordless & Portable
GX Water Skin Boosting Airbrush is easy to use and multifunctional! It only takes 60 seconds to complete a deep skin care. This product hydrates dry skin and cleanses the skin for a natural and dewy look. This product is multifunctional and can be used with serum, toner, essential oil or milk for skin care or aromatherapy. It can also be used with foundation to give you a flawless makeup look. This product is high quality, great for everyday use, gifting or personal use!I highly recommend this product!
I got the Cordless Makeup Airbrush, Luxury Facial Oxygen Machine, Portable Serum Toner Nano Mist Sprayer Facial Mister Device, Ladys Gifts Skin Care Tool in Green. This airbrush includes a 5 mL and 20 mL reservoir, but so far I have only needed to use the 5 mL.This airbrush is meant to be used with liquids. (More viscous liquids like foundation can be used, but require the reservoir and spray tool to be cleaned between each use to prevent clogs.) I've been using it with my essence, and might try it with my toner.The airbrush is easy to assemble and use. I love the way the essence mist feels on my face. It also works incredibly quickly - I always turn off the machine before the 60 second auto shutoff.This airbrush is definitely a fun tool to have in my arsenal.
I couldn’t get the air makeup spray it just straps air please help
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