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4in1 40K Radio-frequency Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine, Body Slimming Sculpting Device for Face, Arm, Waist, Belly, Leg

SKU: TS00109

It works!
I’m in LOVE! It WORKS! I’ve gone to med spas where prices are pretty high for the services this machine has. (Ex: minimum $600+ for 6 sessions). This machine works exactly the same as all the ones in spas. I haven’t even had it for a month and I can already see and feel a difference! Right now I’m using it for my stomach and love handles. I definitely don’t look as bloated as I was before. I like to do cavitation every 3 days (energy all the way up, 40 mins, I prefer D) and rf 4 head (40 mins, heat energy all the way, and I prefer A) every 7 days. Few things about this machine, use an ultrasonic gel for the cavitation (absonic or Aquasonic), and I like to use an rf lotion (estheSKIN rf cream), don’t move too fast or too slow with any treatments, and drink A LOT of water. If you think you already drink a lot, DOUBLE IT! You basically pee out the fat so drinking a lot water helps with results tremendously! I definitely recommend buying this, it’s saved me so much money and I actually get results!