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Steam Hair Straightener, Professional Ceramic Plate and Flat Iron, 150℃-230℃, Plug Charge

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  • Buy FREYARA steam hair straightener, professional ceramic plate and flat iron, 150℃-230℃, plug charge online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
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Compare with the traditional hair straightener, our item adopts the latest steam technology. 5 Conditioning Steam Vents, vapor water adds moisture and gloss to hair, making your hair more healthier and safer. Conditioning steam settings OFF/MED/HIGH.

1 1/4 inch uniform and stable heater Plate, heats up in ONE minute.Ceramic coating plate provides amazing shiny and healthy finisher, reduce hair loss and damage. Note: the steam is not as strong as the picture steam so heavy or obvious to see by naked eyes.

Time saving of 2-IN-1 design (straight & curling) and two way for using. 3D floating plates for perfect hair straightening and hair curling. You can use the Styler as a Regular Straightener without Steam by turning off the Steam Function or use Pure Water Steam style.

display with adjustable modes of 6 different temperature settings (150-235℃/302-455℉)that can meet your different needs,from fragile to coarse hair type.Auto shut off 60 minutes ; 360°swivel cord; Cold Tip end. Worldwide Dual Voltage 110V-240V and lockable plates (Locking Switch) for storage and traveling. Anti-static and anti scald hair straightener.

When opening the steam button, Don't close the splint quickly and frequently, otherwise the splint to store too much water. When the splint is heated quickly, the water stored in the splint will boil quickly, making it difficult to transform the water Steam, causing water leakage. If water leakage occurs, please wait for the water stored in the splint to evaporate and then use. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service to solve it for you.

Setting temperature(thicker the hair, the higher the temperature )

Divide the hair into multiple small parts, you will get better results.

Began to curl. Grasp the hair to be curled to remove any remaining tangles. Clamp the flat iron around the hair and rotate it half a circle to make the hair U-shaped. When moving the flat iron down to the end along the hair axis.

If you want your hair to look softer and looser, pass your fingers through the curls several times.
Reviews (157)
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What a straightener
Wow! Is all I can say. I am impressed. My hair is curly, dry and frizzy. This straightener surprised me. It straightener and smoothed. I love it. My hair is also bleached and I have been afraid to straighten it or put any heat to it but I read the reviews and gave it a try. I'm glad I did
I absolutely love my steam straightener!!! It was exactly what I expected and it did wonders on my natural hair ☺️ I love it
Great value
It would be better if you could see through the water window so you know it needs to be refilled.
Love Love this iron
My hair was DRY… Now that I’ve use this iron that has steam my hair is so much better. I’m a happy customer
I literally just purchased these flat irons this morning. I couldn’t wait a day to post this review!!! Absolutely love them. I think I might purchase a 2nd one just because…
Good tool
I love it really straightens thick natural hair very good
I really like this product, I have recommended it to my friends.
I liked that product really straightened my hair the first time. I didn’t have go over the same piece of hair more than twice. I was about to straighten my hair under an hour and my hair was soft, shiny and it lasted for at least a week and a half before I had to touch up my hair. I told all of my friends about this product.
It will snag your hair
I wanted so badly to like this. I tried it for a few days but as other reviewers said, it snags and pulls your hair, ripping it from your skull and you have to fill the water tank every few passes. Mine also got stuck on the highest output steam switch and no matter how I try, it’s really stuck (broken).It’s now taking up space under my bathroom sink until I throw it away.
Oh my heavens!!!!!
My SINGULAR complaint was that after a while the water capsule no longer remains attached. And there is no way to replace it without buying a whole other device. It heats well and quickly with auto shut off. Steam level is controllable though if not careful you will accidentally cut it off. It was only $40 bucks. I’d personally pay more for better construction and a more durable water tank attachment. It lasted about a year so I got my moneys worth and probably just buy another.
Likes: Is easy to use. Heats up quickly.Dislikes: lacks grip. I don't think the heat settings are accurate. With normal straightners anything over 400-410, I risk scorching my hair. With this one, I have put it on 450 and go over strands multiple times. I just used it about 2wks ago. I wish i had used it sooner, bc the return date has lapsed
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