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Professional Eye Brushes Set Glitter Red 17 Pieces Collection

U$ 29.99 U$ 20.99
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  • Brand: FREYARA
  • Buy FREYARA professional eye brushes set glitter red 17 pieces collection for makeup artist & beginners, cruelty free and vegan; premium synthetic and natural hair; wooden handle, aluminum tube.
  • FY01.1703
  • SKU: FY01.1703
  • 20.99
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Cruelty free; 
Soft premium synthetic and natural hair;
Wooden handle, aluminum tube.

E71   Blending Brush  (synthetic)
E72   Blending Brush  (natural)
E73   Blending Brush  (synthetic)
E74   Blending Brush  (synthetic)
E75   Eyeshadow Brush  (natural)
E76   Eyeshadow Brush  (natural)
E77   Definer Brush  (synthetic)
E78   Eyeshadow Brush  (natural)
E79   Eyeshadow Brush  (natural)
E80   Pencil Brush  (natural)
E81   Pencil Brush  (natural)
E82   Eyebrow Brush  (synthetic)
E83   Eyeliner Brush  (synthetic)
F61   Concealer Brush  (synthetic)
F62   Fan Brush  (synthetic)
F63   Smudge Brush  (synthetic)
L06   Lip Brush   (synthetic)
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Very pleased
I want to say these are super nice makeup brushes there soft and hold makeup very well. I have had makeup brushes that were more expensive and eyeshadow you’ll drop under my eye but these hold eyeshadow and other powdered makeup very well. I went and bought another set for my daughter and she loves them as well and says they hold very well and are soft but not to soft.
You Gotta Buy These AMAZING
I can't say enough good things about these brushes for the price point I was blown away. In my opinion they're just like sigma brushes or morphe brushes. My advice to you is buy it buy buy buy it! No regrets at all. I will most definitely telling people about these AMAZING BRUSHES. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. I am completely satisfied and will definitely be shopping from FREYARA again.